5 Questions to Consider when Launching your Skin Care Career:

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So, you have made the decision to pursue your dream of becoming an Esthetician. You desire to work in an exciting industry for all the right reasons! You have ambition, talent, employable skills, a great attitude and enjoy helping individuals look and feel better about themselves.

Where do you see your strengths?

First, you must ask yourself if you would rather be an employee, an independent contractor or even more ambitious, a business owner. If you’re a graduate of CIE, Inc., more than likely you’ve addressed these issues when you created your Business Plan prior to graduating. Whatever path you choose, hopefully you have created an organized plan of action if planning truly equals profitability. Similar to working with your clients, you want to understand their skin care needs prior to offering them the appropriate service for their individual goals.

How will you get started?

According to CNNMoney, Workforce Management, 80% of all job openings are not advertised to the public. Insiders and their friends usually fill those openings. So, networking is a key component to securing success. Assuming you have taken the necessary steps to land the right opportunity to launch your new esthetics career, you will want to create a 30, 60 and 90 day plan to learn, work and begin building your business. This in itself will take a great amount of focus and energy. Show that you can do the work based on core values, preparation, experience, and reliability.

What is your marketing plan?

Do you understand what reaching out methods you will use to gain new clientele and best serve existing clients? Use the power of technology to stay in touch with your audience! Create a marketing plan that uses email, promotional and social media to share your valuable information, as well as beauty industry trends and advice.

How will you retain loyal customers?

When you are truly customer service oriented, you will create clientele that will be unique to your own career and business. Ask yourself, how you will deliver results for your clients, as well as your bottom line? How will you build trust that will benefit your clients and have them referring you to their circle of influence? Offer referral incentives! Also, consider adding new services to your menu to keep them interested and coming back for more. Be sure to understand your neighborhood demographics. For example, Eyelash Extensions can be your best walking billboard if done properly, with the best products and care you can offer.

What are your long term goals?

Lastly, stay current within your industry, invest in continuing education with the latest trends and services. Stay connected with other professional via networking opportunities. Be the best you can be by becoming an expert in all areas you are interested in pursuing. Find a mentor you admire, and BE a mentor for other professionals. And most importantly, ENJOY your chosen career and never lose sight of your biggest reason of WHY you do what you do!