Could Your Diet Be Causing Acne?

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By Maggie Staszcuk; Adapted from “Long Term Research Links Dairy and High Sugar Foods to Acne”

A review of 50 years of clinical studies shows there may be a link between diet and acne after all! Not only are teenagers affected by acne, but adult acne is quite prevalent as well and can be a frustrating, painful condition. Could cutting out milk and high sugar foods be the cure?

“A landmark overview of research carried out over the past 50 years has found that eating foods with a high glycemic index (GI) and drinking milk not only aggravated acne, but in some cases triggered it too”. (Reilly, 2013)

Acne is the result of too much sebum, or oil, and a buildup of dead skin which clogs the pore and ultimately leads to inflammation and the development of pus. Hormones have traditionally been associated with the production of excess sebum production which is why “80% of teenagers experience bouts of acne throughout adolescence”. (Reilly, 2013)

High GI foods can trigger hormonal fluctuations. These types of foods are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and thought to have a direct effect on the severity of acne. Additionally, because milk contains hormones, it is also thought to affect acne. “A 2007 study carried out by Harvard School of Public Health found a link between those who drank milk and regularly suffered with acne. Those who drank skimmed milk suffered with the worst breakouts”. (Reilly, 2013)


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