Learn more about our body treatments here.


Learn more about our body treatments here.

Treatments for the Body

The CIE Skincare Clinic offers affordable spa treatments in the Denver area. From our body acne treatments to body waxing, we use quality products while providing services at a discounted price.

Our services are offered at a discount and performed by students under instructor supervision.



  • Providing a variety of options for hair removal for body and face
  • Option of either hard waxing or strip/soft waxing


  • Fights skin laxity & reduces the appearance of skin irregularities on a cellular level
  • Rejuvenating body lotion then exfoliates with glycolic & retinol
  • Repairs & restores with antioxidants & power peptides


  • Great body acne treatment
  • Deep cleansing, massage and specialty masque
  • This spa treatment for the back corrects oiliness and hydrates the skin
  • Hungarian Organic Moor Mud

MUD WRAP (55 MIN) $50

  • Are you tired and need a lift? You will love this wrap!
  • This spa treatment will make your skin glow and feel refreshed
  • It helps detoxify the body and gives it more vitality through relaxation
  • Hungarian Organic Moor Mud

SALT GLOW (55 MIN) $29

    • Body exfoliation utilizing glacier salt (or choose sugar for more sensitive skin) and hydrophilic oil
    • This spa treatment will leave your skin hydrated and silky smooth

    FOOT PEEL (35 MIN) $35

      • Pumpkin enzyme peel to help resurface and soften the skin on your feet

      HYDRO MASSAGE $1 per minute

        • Dry, all sides, full body massage with the use of pressurized water while remaining fully clothed. $1 per minute ($15 minimum)



  • Dead Sea Salt
    • Dead Sea salt are derived from its supremely rich mineral composition. Though it contains more than 20 elements, these are the most abundant:
    • Magnesium – Involved in more than 300 essential reactions in your body including muscle movements, DNA repair, energy production, and cell signalling, magnesium is a powerful anti-inflammatory that also fights against depression, improves sleep, and strengthens bones. Dead Sea salt is comprised of between 31% and 35% magnesium chloride.
    • Potassium – An electrolyte with a positive charge that conducts electricity within the fluids in bodily cells, potassium is vital to hydration, heart rhythm, muscle contractions, and pH balance. It makes up 20% to 28% of Dead Sea salt.
    • Sodium – Though often vilified because our diets tend to contain excessive amounts of salt, sodium is an essential electrolyte needed for the absorption and transportation of nutrients, fluid balance, blood pressure, and the transmission of nerve signals. In Dead Sea salt, it makes up 3% to 8% of its mineral content.
    • Calcium – Playing a major role in healthy bones and teeth, calcium is also necessary to circulate the blood, release hormones, regulate body weight, and stabilize enzymes. Dead Sea salt is 0.1% to 0.5% calcium chloride.
    • Sulfates – Found in mineral springs and volcanic ash, sulfur helps synthesize proteins, supports cartilage and connective tissues, helps the body resist bacteria, and cleanses the body of toxins. It comprises 0.05% to 0.2% of Dead Sea salt.


Thoroughly Enjoyed the Experience
​I have been coming here for about 4 years, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of various discounted services. The staff and students are very professional and through in caring for your skincare needs.
​- Patti S​

Service with Kindness
Consistently good service w/ kindness and great prices as well! I recommend C.I.E. often….
– Christina W

Products are Amazing!
I’ve been going here for a few years. Everyone is very nice. The products that are used are amazing. And you can’t beat the prices!
– Tricia F

Affordable Services
Such a wonderful place to get affordable services! Thank you.
– Silvia W

Facials are Enjoyable!
I enjoy the facials, especially the anti-aging facial.
– Linda L

Caring & Respectful
I love this place! Everyone is very caring & respectful. The prices are just right and I can’t wait to go back!
– Del R

Comfortable & Safe
Started going here about 3 to 4 years ago for upper lip wax. Have been a model for many different treatments including Laser. Always have felt comfortable and safe. The students get the practice, and I have had the opportunity to try these treatments at extremely discounted prices.
– Pam M​

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