“We are excited to work together with the College of International Esthetics to provide the patrons of Colorado with exceptional esthetic experiences by combining our talents and contributions to this industry.” Erica Barton, Owner of Spavia in Greenwood Village, CO.

Spavia recognizes the excellence in education that CIE, Inc. offers and supports a relationship with CIE, Inc. Students and Graduates by opening their doors to mock interviews, providing spa tours for students and graduates as well as industry preparedness education, attending special events, and much more!

We at CIE, Inc. recognize the fabulous business model Spavia follows as well as their intense passion for skincare and continued education. As a result of this, we welcome their opportunities with open arms to our students. We celebrate this collaboration and encourage our students to develop relationships with companies such as Spavia in order to put their passions to practice within Esthetics, increasing likelihood of both a successful and fruitful career.