Written By Maggie Staszcuk, Licensed Esthetician & CIE Director of Education

What if we could anti-age from within? Now we may be able to with the help of Nutricosmetics! These are “nutrition products and supplements focused on skin, nail, hair health, anti-aging, and beauty from within” (Kumar, 2016).

While the U.S. would never admit to falling behind in the beauty industry, we have a ways to go in terms of consumer understanding. Asia is leading the market with Europe close behind. “Bioactives such as hyaluronic acid have seen stateside market success with respect to topical products, but for true Nutricosmetic adoption, U.S. consumers will need to be motivated to shift away from the cultural mindset of topical anti-aging quick fixes” (Kumar, 2016).

Looking good is feeling good. Driven by an aging population, “supplements are becoming more popular as users are becoming more aware of their advantage-the nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream faster than any topical remedy” (Lange, 2015). It only seems logical that nutrients supplied through the bloodstream directly to the dermis would have more lasting anti-aging effects than a cream applied to the dead, outer layer of the skin.

Have we finally advanced to the point where there is a “drink me” potion that turns back time?