The Mission of the College of International Esthetics, Inc. is to provide quality and competent education that goes beyond the basics of skincare offered by most Denver cosmetology schools, whether required for the course or advanced learning. We provide students the tools they will need to be successful in their business ventures and goals.

We have successfully trained a wide variety of people interested in medical esthetics, including graduates from the leading cosmetology schools Denver has to offer. Our graduates have found fulfilling careers in different places such as dermatology offices, hospitals, plastic surgery centers, and oncology practices.

Our training courses provide students with a medical background. This is necessary in the field of esthetics and enables our graduates to effectively teach patients proper skincare as the patients undergo medical treatment. More than the average beauty classes found in Denver cosmetology schools, we provide solid education for those who wish to pursue a career path in medical esthetics. This includes training students to use advanced technologies and more.

The College of International Esthetics, Inc. also puts much emphasis on achieving success, working on positive attitudes, and developing excellent customer communication skills through great knowledge.

We aim to assist students and graduates in their medical esthetics career and business goals; unlike cosmetology schools in Denver, we want to see you take your future to the next level. Through our certification and licensure programs, students fulfill the required hours of training to become a medical esthetician. We also prepare the students to take and pass the Colorado State Board Esthetician practical and written examinations per licensure.

If you’re looking for more than the average cosmetology schools Denver has to offer, wish to expand your knowledge, or are simply interested in pursuing a career or business in skincare, our esthetics school is what you need. Opt for the top choice for your career – sign up for our competitive esthetician programs today to improve your chances of securing employment with reputable organizations and medical practices. We can’t wait to hear from you!